Only 1-in-5 burglaries solved on policing minister Philp’s patch

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Poor show: under the Tories, with Chris Philp as policing minister, only 1-in-5 burglaries are being solved in Croydon

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Poor show: under the Tories, with ‘Congo’ Chris Philp as policing minister, only 1-in-5 burglaries reported in Croydon are being solved

Official figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Metropolitan Police is solving just 1-in-5 burglary cases in Croydon – where Chris Philp, the Tory policing minister, is seeking re-election as an MP.

The figures show that Croydon’s burglary crime clear-up rate is worse than the national average – and even that is very poor under the Tories, with three-quarters of burglaries going unsolved.

The figures were compiled from a series of FoI requests which have broken down unsolved burglaries data by local area.

The number of burglaries that went unsolved in Croydon in 2023 was 78%.

Of the 1,844 cases, 1,434 had their investigation completed with no suspect identified.

Official government figures show that under the Conservatives, nationally 76% of burglaries went unsolved in 2023.

The details were compiled by the Liberal Democrats, whose party leader, Sir Ed Davey, has announced a “Burglary Response Guarantee” in his party’s manifesto. The party’s proposals would ensure that all domestic burglaries are attended by the police and properly investigated.

Richard Howard is the LibDem General Election candidate in Croydon South, where “Congo” Chris Philp has been MP since 2015.

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Policing the police stats: LibDem candidate Richard Howard

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Policing the police stats: LibDem candidate Richard Howard

“Too many families in Croydon now feel unsafe in their own homes because this Conservative Government has decimated frontline policing for too long,” Howard said.

“Victims are being denied justice because Conservative ministers can’t even get the basics right on solving crime. That is why the Liberal Democrats would deliver a Burglary Response Guarantee, to ensure all home burglaries are attended by the police and properly investigated.

“People are sick of seeing their local communities plagued by crime and just want this appalling Conservative Government to be kicked out of office.”

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