Conservatives plan fly-tip patrol to clean up town

Residents all over Croydon believe that the Labour Council is losing the battle against fly tipping. Labour made dealing with this a key election pledge in 2014 but the continued prevalence of fly tipping across the town shows that it has failed.

At a meeting of the Council in February, the Conservative opposition unveiled their plans to tackle the scourge of fly tipping in Croydon. Should they win control of the Council in elections in May, Croydon’s Conservatives will institute fly tipping patrols, with Council officers actively seeking out fly tips in GPS-equipped vehicles, allowing follow-up teams to rapidly clear up the waste. The enforcement will also extend to fly tips on private land, which are not included within the Labour Council’s clean-up targets.

Tim Pollard, leader of the Conservative group on Croydon Council, said,

“We believe a much more pro-active approach to enforcement and clean-up is needed. Fly tipping hotspots are well known, yet fly tips are often in place for weeks because the Council currently waits for fly tips to be reported before cleaning them up. Our fly tip patrols will actively seek out fly tipping, allowing them to be cleared much quicker.”

“The current administration’s fly tipping and environmental contract management is far too passive and a firmer grip is needed on all environmental services providers. It is wrong to sit back and wait for residents to report issues before addressing them.”

flytip busters

flytip busters

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