A thousand years of history: join our Minster tour, Nov 28

Croydon Minster has been at the heart of the life of the town for more than a thousand years.

And on Tuesday, November 28, you will have a chance to discover a myriad of fascinating details of the connections between the parish church and the Archbishops of Canterbury over many centuries.

David Morgan is the Minster’s official archivist, as well as the resident historian at Inside Croydon who has been delighting our readers with the many finely researched and detailed articles about the town, its people and the lives they have led in and around what used to be called the Parish Church.

It was David’s work on the very beginnings of the church in Croydon that discovered that the town is probably at least 150 years older than anyone had previously thought, with its foundations going back to around 810 and the Anglo-Saxons.

Come along to hear about the various monuments that survived the Great Fire of the Victorian period and learn more about the role the church played in keeping Croydon safe from the fire bombs of the Luftwaffe in World War II, and a host of other fascinating stories.

Arrive just before 5.30pm to be delighted by the choral beauty of that night’s Evensong, with the tour of the Minster due to start at 6.15pm. The tour should last around 45 minutes.

We are asking for donations of £5 per person for the tour. All proceeds will go towards the upkeep of the MInster, an ancient piece of Croydon heritage.

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  • David Morgan is a former Croydon headteacher, now the volunteer education officer at Croydon Minster,

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